About Us

Quantum3 Group
Quantum3 Group ("Q3G") is a leading provider of Bankruptcy Portfolio Management solutions. Q3G has developed technology driven outsourcing solutions that meet the highest standards of the industry, and maximize the returns on this asset class.

Unlike other service providers, Q3G's expertise and focus is exclusively within the bankruptcy context. Q3G does not provide any collection services, and it is neither a debt collector nor a collections agency.

Q3G was formed by a group of industry experts and has expanded to include a management team that possesses over 75+ years of experience and know-how in areas specific to bankruptcy receivables valuation and management.

The Portfolio Management solutions are custom tailored to meet each client’s requirements and limitations. They may include only a few services, up to an end-to-end solution for those looking for complete portfolio management. Our solutions meet the needs of a diverse base of clients, including but not limited to:

    Credit grantors (secured and unsecured) Utility companies
    Debt buyers/Sellers Telecom providers
    Collections agencies Government agencies
    Healthcare companies Real Estate companies

With its operation center located in Bothell, Washington, Q3G serves a vast and diverse client base.